"Best assembly in a long time."

- Mrs. Kramer - 5th grade teacher - Rio Vista School

"Excellent presentation - you had the children very interested."

- Mrs. Andrews - Special Ed. Teacher - Westport Heights Elementary

"It was even better than I expected. The children loved it. Thank you."

- Trisha Callella - 1st grade teacher - Rossmoor Elementary

"Best assembly our school has. Exciting, educational, and very motivating. Four years in a row and it is always great."

- Angela Lockhart - PTA President - College View School

"Absolutely fantastic! The students thoroughly enjoyed learning about the history of kites and being able to construct one!Terrific assembly - the best of the year."

- Jennifer Petrucci - 3rd grade teacher - Murdock Elementary.

"INCREDIBLE! The BEST assembly. Chico kids love it!

"FABULOUS! Students loved the assembly and parents really liked Dave!!"

- Malcom Elementary School, Laguna Niguel

"WOW! What a wonderful program! Dave is great, the kids LOVE him!"

- Christy, Hansen PTA

"11 months and our kids are STILL talking about it! Awesome!"

- Mountain Avenue PTA

"We did it for Laurel and it was the BEST!!"


- Lake Elementary School

"GREAT assembly! Dave is funny, and very high energy. The kids LOVED it and so did we!"

- Patton Elementary PTA


- Orrenmaa PTA

"Out kids LOVE this assembly!"

- Meadows Elementary PTA

"The kids had a great time! The best part was seeing them FLY their kites after school"

- Ben Franklin PTA

"We had a great family fun night, AWESOME!"

- Kim Crowe, Chaparral PTA

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