The KITES FOR KIDS™ assembly is very unique, consisting of two main sections, plus a professional demonstration (weather and facilities permitting). The visual presentation and discussion (Section 1) is presented in a question/answer format, is grade specific, and very entertaining, yet also highly educational, covering multiple subjects, including math, science, history, art, culture, and physical education. Our program naturally incorporates curriculum for STEM, STEAM, and State Educational Standards. The visual presentation is usually divided into two or three assemblies per day, per school, averaging between 200 - 350 students. Each presentation is approximately 30-40 minutes, depending on grade level.

After all visual presentations are completed, kite making (Section 2) begins! A few different formats are utilized. The most effective and efficient format is to have the students return in groups of approximately 120-180, with Kindergarten and 1st graders partnering with 4th grade or higher, so older students may assist younger students with kite making (or vice versa!). This student interaction is a vital learning experience for both! A professional demonstration (Section 3) will be scheduled toward the end of the day, weather and facilities permitting. This format is very flexible and will work around recesses and lunches. All inclusive assemblies (Visual and Kite Making done in one longer session) are also possible. The KITES FOR KIDS assembly is appropriate for grades PreK - Grade 6.


Discussion & Visual Presentation (Indoors):
(Exciting, multi-subject, grade specific, interactive, question/answer format)

A. Discussion on Ancient China, Ben Franklin, Wright Brothers, etc. (History, Science, Aerodynamics)

B. Presentation of various kite designs including Box, Delta, Sport, etc. (ART, CULTURE) 

C. Hi-tech engineering in today's high performance kites (SPORTS, PHYSICAL ED.)

D. Introduction to aerodynamics, including lift, drag, angle of attack, weight/sail ratios, etc. (MATH)


Time Needed: 35 - 45 min (up to approximately 400 students per presentation) (Flexible)

Kite Making (Indoors):

A. Color selection - creativity and decision making.

B. Frame & tail assembly - Cognitive thinking, and planning.

C. String attachment - Fine motor skills.

D. Safe flying techniques - Organize thoughts, demonstrate discipline, stimulate thinking.

Time Needed: Approximately 35 - 40 min (up to approximately 200 students per session) (Flexible)

Professional Demonstration
(Outdoors,weather/facilities permitting):

A. Professional sport kite demonstration.

B. Application of safe flying techniques.

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