Entering his 29th school year, Dave "The Kite Guy" performs all assemblies personally with a very entertaining, exciting, educational (STANDARDS, STEM, and STEAM BASED) and high energy program. Dave is very motivated, and completely dedicated to his profession. He LOVES what he does, and sets very high standards. If his assembly is not considered one the best assemblies your school has ever had by school staff, parents, and students, not only will it be FREE, but he will offer you $1000.00 to put toward an assembly from another company of your choice.

Dave brings more than 36 years of professional kiting experience. In only its 3rd year, his Huntington Beach KITE PARTY was named the “best kiting event in the USA” for 2005 by the Kite Trade Association International, and is still recognized as one of the premiere kiting events in the country.

Dave earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication/Pathology from California State University at Fullerton. He has been named a “BEST PRESENTER” and “BEST ASSEMBLY” by dozens of PTA’s, teachers, and principals statewide. His quick-witted humor and seemingly endless energy astonish both students and staff. He has served the Hyatt Regency, Walt Disney Company, Lennar Homes, Shea Homes, The Irvine Company, Herbalife, Intel, Epcot Center, and many others. He was the kite professional on set for the movie “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep, and has done many other commercials (Lowe’s), TV shows (Storage Wars), etc. In May 2007, his "Cobra Kite" (the exact same kite the students make in the assembly) was featured at the Tribecca Film Festival in New York by DELTA AIRLINES as a promotional kite, because of its ease of use and phenomenal flying capability!

Dave currently owns and operates THE KITE CONNECTION, located on the Huntington Beach Pier, a very successful kite business which he founded in 1983.

Dave has been featured on KTLA News (2018), and has been interviewed by CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and KTLA.

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